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Project moving

first post: jgauffin wrote: I'm tired of codeplex worthless subversion integration. It can't ha...

latest post: gedw99 wrote: Why not simply run your own SVN server or HG server. Both are very ...

SecurityException in PluginFinder!?

first post: c3p0 wrote: Hi! When I run PluginManager.Start(), I get a security exceptio...

latest post: jgauffin wrote: First google result when searching for "CreateDomain FileIOPermissi...

load plugin error on plugin not in default path

first post: ywscr wrote: first ,thank's you work now,program can found plugin.dll from othe...

latest post: jgauffin wrote: Feel free to create a patch with the changes.

Again, release build fails

first post: swallace21 wrote: Looks like misplaced #DEBUG statements, but I can't be sure.

latest post: jgauffin wrote: fixed. We try to wrap all tests with #if DEBUG

Release build fails

first post: BloodAxe wrote: Hello there!$0$0$0$0When trying build fadd on release configuration...

latest post: jgauffin wrote: Fixed =)

i found bug of PluginManager.pluginPath

first post: ywscr wrote: $0_pluginManager's Count of Plugs is 0,when i change$0_pluginManage...

latest post: jgauffin wrote: Thank you for your bug report. It has been fixed now.

sample error in 15499

first post: ywscr wrote: _pluginManager.count is 0 in Programs.cs  when runing Start();$0but...

latest post: jgauffin wrote: Try the latest source, same problem? We use the Plugin system exte...

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